Friday, 3 February 2012

Description of Meditation

Lord Almighty could not be achieved through sacrifice, penance, rituals and knowledge. The Gracious Lord could be won only through true devotion (bhakti). The great devotee Prahlada had thus said-

“For devotion one need not be God, dvija, sage;
One need not acquire knowledge of many scriptures;
Penances, silent prayers, sacrifices, gifts are mere deceptions,
Narayana remains content only with devotion.” _Prahlada Charitra

However, devotion does not come automatically. To develop devotion one must have to go on practicing it in body, mind and words. 

For practicing devotion at Lord Krishna’s lotus feet the company of Vishnu’s devotee is required first. Vishnu’s devotee should be taken as preceptor and well treated. Krishna’s feet should be meditated in hearts. The Almighty dwells in all creatures. Thus, knowing it well, have affection for all creatures. One should practice sravana and kirttana. The duties other then this are mere deceptions. When one thinks more and more about Lord Krishna, his devotion at Hari’s feet would increase and all the dirt of mind would disappear. Then alone to the Almighty Krishna our mind shall be drawn.

Now listen raptly, how to meditate on Hari; listen to the beauty and virtue of Hari.

There is a place named Vaikuntha. It is the Supreme Abode made only for Lord Narayana. The chariots glitter rows after rows, all inlaid with sapphires, diamond and emerald. There the Sun and the Moon shines in such a way that it is not known whether it is a night or a day. In the transparent water of the beauteous lakes bloom fragrant lotus and shining lilies. Flocks of swans are playing on the water, sportingly uprooting lotus-roots and eating there. On the bank, flower parijats blooms. The sweet fragrance of the flowers blows with the breeze filling the entire region with scent of flowers. The sparrows are singing in a melodious way and the black bees are singing Hari’s songs hearing which the Vaishnavas derive pleasure. At the centre of such highly charming Vaikuntha there is a tall Temple made up of precious gems. The pillars are made up of sapphire and walls of marble. It has pearl panels and diamond doors; thereon are carved out chains of gold, spotted with various gems and emeralds; and the beams are inlaid with charming rubies. The temple is dazzling as crores of suns. Varieties of canopies are hanging over there. Garlands of gems and pearls are hanging everywhere. Inside this divine temple on a throne of gems Lord Narayana is sitting charmingly. He is surrounded by his attendants, holding upon umbrellas inlaid with pearls. They fan Him both sides with white caamaras (a whisk made of the tail hair of the yak) and strew around Him sweet-smelling flowers. At His feet is sitting Lakshmi, Mother Goddess of Universe, offering her prayers in all devotional ways. In Eternal Form of Purity and Consciousness, Lord Hari continues to dwell there in Supreme Bliss. His Capacious Form is dazzling so amazingly that crores of kandarpa (the Indian Cupid) fails to conform. Father of Universe is devotee’s friend, Lord Hari keeps on shining as crores of Moons, whose very recalling burns series of sins.

The divine Form of Madhava is full of Supreme Bliss. It looks like a fresh green cloud. By the yellow robe upon it a glow is made. His capacious Form is so amazingly dazzling that crores of Moons fails to conform. The Lotus Feet of Hari appear as if in full bloom, by seeing which the devotees are highly pleased. The soles are purple in color. Ankusa, padma, dhvaja, vajra and yava are the signs. The fine fingers look like petals in form. They appear as spindles of gems. The nails glitter there as the half-moons. The ujjhanti (a kind of ornament) of gems are shining bright and sounding anklets are adorning the joints of Feet. The thighs appear as the trunk of elephant. A yellow robe glitters on the waist and a girdle inlaid with gems is tied over there. The Lotus-Navel of Lord Hari is shining brightly. On the pleasing chest are glittering locks of srivatsa (the white curl of hair on the chest of Almighty Visnu). There appears Maa Lakshmi shining as golden lines on black touch-stones. The green Body brightens with yellow robes as the lightning in clouds. Necklace of pearls hangs on the broad chest. Pecandaraornament (a kind of gold ornament) is glittering there. Various gems and pearls are glittering brightly. On the beauteous neck hang a beautiful garland of wild flower down to the Feet. The honeybees are getting intoxicated for honey-smelling flowers and they are humming in and round the garland there. The four beautiful arms of Hari are well built. They are blue in color and are highly attractive. Armlets, bangles, bracelets are shining there. The hands glitter like the new grown leaves. The fingers appear as sticks of gems. Various rings glitters there. The red Nails of the figures look like the moon. Lord is holding sankha, cakra, gada and paadma in His four Hands. Necklaces galapata and satasari are hanging in the neck. On the shoulder glitters the sacred uttari (a sacred thread) of nine threads. The conch-shaped throat is adorned by the gem kaustubha. The face of Lord Hari is as pleasing as the view of the full moon. It is as charming as the sun rising in early morn. On ear-lobes glitter the makara-kundala (fish-like earrings). With its radiations the yellow-white cheeks shine. Rows of teeth are so much attractive as if there shine a series of coral and gems. A sweet smile prevails over there in His lips ever. The nose is glittering like sesame flower, reddish Eyes look like petals of rose and Eye-brows resemble beautiful bows. On the forehead is glittering the tilaka (a small round mark on the forehead between the two eye-brow) of gem. Upon the head the Crown of gold is glittering, hair-bands are shining with cudamani diamond and amidst there is the golden Lotus Garland, by the glow of which the Face is being brightened. On such a Divine Form one should meditate. One should meditate on it again and again with firm concentration of mind starting from Head down to Feet inside one’s heart. Observing the signs of the Lotus Feet of the Almighty, namely dhvaja (banner), vajra (thunder-bolt), padma (lotus), ankusa (hook) and java (grain) one should bow down at Feet. Then there would be Suprme Success for you. Hari alone is Invaluable Treasure of the Universe. By meditating at the Divine Form of Hari one would overcome the worldly life at ease. Thus, don’t spoil the human life with fruitless deeds. In the Holy Kirttana Ghosa it is said:

“Keep Lord Hari’s Feet in your firm grips;
This is the only Boat to sail across Ocean of Sins.
Krishna’s kinkara Sankara says:
Ye all chant hari-hari in assemblage.”

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