Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hari Naam

People say that it is just a religion.
For many it is like a wishing-well where they could make a wish for something & get it fulfilled;
For some it is a set of moral values......
BUT for a few of us it is our Soul, our Love, our Faith, our Happiness, our everything...

The Gracious Almighty Hari says-

"My devotee is my heart,
Also of my devotees I am the heart;
Except Me my devotees have nothing to think;
Except my devotees I too have nothing to think."_1829(Kirttana Ghukha)

One could never find a true lover like the Gracious Almighty Hari. He is our mother, our father, our teacher, our only friend. He is the Soul Supreme. He is the creator, the master.. He is the truth supreme. He is the light. And He is inside your heart now and always.
Our only prayer, our only wish, our only desire-

"O Vanamali, Jagannatha, Raam,
Let not my mouth, in pleasure and pain,
Stop singing Raam naam."


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