Friday, 17 August 2012

Have Faith

Nobody is a Vaishnava by birth. In fact, we could never be a true Vaishnava. 
Can we stop our lies?
Can we treat happiness and sorrow equally?
Can we consider a piece of gold and a stone to be the same????

No  its not easy  :)  

When we take refugee in the Lotus Feet of the Gracious Almighty Hari, he test us. And these tests are the most difficult one. Sometimes the Almighty will make us face the hell in life. He'll make us go through the hardest phase of life. Sometimes the light may seems to be fading away from our life. Sometimes we might lose hope too. But no matter what happens and no matter what it takes, we should never lose faith on the Gracious Almighty Hari. We must have to be strong; We must hang on, have faith....
We should never doubt the Almighty. We must keep in mind that our Saviour- the Gracious Hari is there for us. And if we can do so we'll witness the Father Hari very very soon. 

And the Lord Hari is very gracious, he'll keep on supporting, helping and protecting us throughout the test :)
So just have faith ♥

Jai sri Krishna

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