Thursday, 28 July 2011

Don't waste your time in getting the rituals done... Leave all aside and practice devotion through Sravana and Kirttana

Becoming a Vaishnav i.e., a devotee of Lord Vishnu is not easy. Devotion in the Lotus Feet of the Almighty is required.
To be honest, in todays world nobody could be a Vaishnav. All we sinful could do is to try to be a Vaishnav by taking refugee at Lord Narayana's feet by body, mind and word, and practicing devotion through sravana and kirttana of Hari-naam.
Today, people attach more importance to rituals etc. However, always keep this in mind that one could not be a Vaishnav by birth. One could be a Vaishnav only and only through devotion. Little devotion is not enough; Infinite devotion is needed. Every thing like wearing kanthi, being a vegetarian, etc. etc. are absurd, without devotion even taking diksha is useless.

Thus, if one has the desire to be a devotee of Almighty Hari, first practice devotion through sravana and kirttana of Hari-naam.

(never be confused with the name of the Almighty because the Gracious Lord has different names. Just know it well that Lord is the same)

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