Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sravana and Kirttana- The only way to develop devotional love at the feet of the Gracious Lord

Just like the rain in the monsoon purifies the river water of all the impurities making the water clean, fresh and pure, the Almighty enters into the heart of a devotee through his ears while the devotee does Sravana (listening of Lord's name and virtue) and purifies the devotee's heart and mind by removing all the impurities like ego, jealousy, hatred, desire, attachments, etc. and develops a feeling of devotional love in the heart of the devotee. When the devotee is free from all desire and attachment his soul becomes clean and pure with his mind drawn to the Almighty.

Devotion and love towards the Almighty Hari would developed  in the heart only when one practices Sravana and Kirttana of Hari-naam by the core of his heart.

(Sravana means listening to Lord's name and virtue; and Kirttana means chanting Lord's name and virtue)

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