Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hari naam

Hari naam is the most powerful thing. No other virtue is greater than naam's worth. In Kali Hari naam is the only way to attain Liberation from this world.
Hari naam is the greatest friend of man. Naam burns up all the sins of a human. It creates great virtue in abundance and makes one detached from earthly matters. Through it one could attain loving devotion at Krishna's feet. It helps one to attain supreme Vaishnavait wisdom by burning all the illusions. With supremely conscious and blissful Hari's image, naam will unite the devotee in the final stage.
Hari naam is the master of all. One who commits offences against naam gets all his virtues destroyed; he is sure to have an abysmal fall and even Hari fails to protect him. One who knowingly does not eschew offence against naam, the wicked is bound to be afflicted and rotten in sin. And to overcome offences against naam only and only naam itself helps. Sanata Kumara says:
"A sinful man accused of naam-offences,
May be drawn to singing of Hari-naam always,
Than is he absolved of naam-offences."_61(Kirttana Ghosa)
A person who sings Hari naam always gets salvation, being free from offences, and there is no bar to this. Thus, practice naam with full rejoicings. Only naam helps to attain great success. In Kali if Hari's naam is not ever recalled, one for negligence commits suicide. Human life is not easy to get. So, don't waste it. We may face death any time. Lets take refuge in Hari's naam. In Kali naam along has the might. 

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